Wedding Rings At Their Finest At Orla James Wedding Jewelries

The wedding is the most heartwarming event a the couple’s lives. This is the time when they will seal their love vows with each other for eternity. How amazing it would be to share the rest of your life with someone you truly love the most? In these kinds of events, let Orla James wedding jewelries be a part of giving you the chance to have the finest wedding ring for your most wonderful moment.

Your love deserves the best, for you have defied all the circumstances of your relationship to make it to your happy ending. The company offers you wedding jewelries that is worth your budget. For all the convenience you may ask for because the company is selling online which you will no longer spend so much time wandering all around the city just to find the best wedding ring set for your most awaited day. Instead, the best thing for you to do is to spend that extra time for some event planning, making it a success.

The company is giving you various options when it comes to ring adjustments for free. The world may offer you a lot of options when it comes to choosing your wedding jewelries yet, Orla James has all the things you need from your engagement plans to your wedding day. This is a one stop online shop for every romantic event’s jewelries that you are looking for.

The company will never give you any disappointment for the wide variety of choices they could present you with the website. Why not just grab the opportunity for you to shop online having all the pictures of the jewelries provided for you for you have nothing to worry about the sizes and the readjustments when things go wrong for the company is offering their most valued clients the free engraving and adjustment services.

You will never see any jewelry company offering these kinds of products with an affordable and customer friendly services. Having the only concern of giving you what you deserve for your life’s most special day. All you have to do is to relax and never worry for your engagement and wedding rings to get stuck with your fingers having the wrong sizes, for Orla James will provide you beyond perfect jewelry products to suit the intimacy of your most romantic days.

You will know more about the shop as you visit the site. Take a look at with their options and services for it is a hundred percent sure that you will find every romantic jewelries in front of your computer screen. Let your fingers shine with the best bind of jewelry sealing your love promises to one another with the most elegant way you could ever offer to your life’s partner. Orla James not just wishes the best for the both of you, Orla James provides.


Most Unusual Wedding Rings UK


Looking for a wedding ring designs? Not sure what to buy because of the various options you can see in the jewelry stores? How about customizing your own wedding ring according to your exact preference?

Most brides prefer to have their wedding rings original and uniquely patterned, in other words, wedding rings that are different from the rest of the common wedding ring designs or, let’s say, wedding rings that will really stand out. Most of the unusual wedding rings are made in UK have the best styles and designs.

Wedding rings are considered to be very important for both couples as it symbolizes their love, faithfulness and commitment to one another. That is why most couples make sure that their wedding rings are of the best quality. There are also wedding rings that are generally passed down in the family for generations and considered as a family heirloom. This wedding ring is considered more meaningful and is more valuable. But for those who have none, you can just either choose from one of the unusual wedding rings that are made in the UK:

  1. original_domed-sandcast-ringSand cast ring – this wedding ring is made of sands that are mould before it is crafted or patterned by hand using metal casting. You can choose what metal you would like to have, silver, gold, platinum or many more. You have to make sure that before you order such wedding rings that are hand-made, you already know the exact size of your finger, since most hand crafted rings are not returnable.
  2. Wooden ring – this type of wedding ring is made up of cocolobo woods, oak woods, ebony, mahogany, and some depending on your choice. This is really very unusual since most of the couples will look for wedding ring that will last for a lifetime. But it doesn’t mean that wooden rings will not, it may be made up of wood but if you will just take good care of it, this will surely last a long time. Though it is not a guarantee since wood is a natural product that will deteriorate or destroy over time unlike metals.
  3. ©2012 John Muggenborg / muggphotoRock –style ring – it is one of the hand-crafted or designed wedding rings that are made up of different rocks. Since it is a hand-made ring, there will be a tendency that each wedding ring for both of you and your partner may turn out slightly different. Because of its chunky design it may feel tangible on your finger.
  4. Ceramic ring – this type of wedding ring is made up of ceramic materials that are for of zirconium which is very strong and durable. This ring is way more comfortable to wear than the other wedding rings. This type of ring is also good for those are allergic to metals since ceramics are hypoallergenic so it is safe to wear.

Wedding rings may come in different styles or designs and colors but what matters most is how you give importance to the real meaning behind what wedding rings are all about.

Unique Wedding Rings for your Unique Love Story



Each couple has their own unique love story to tell. A unique love story that is going to end up tying the knot – might as well have unique wedding rings that will also compliment on  how uniquely you’ve found each other. Nowadays, wedding rings are made up of different gemstones, gold, diamond or platinum, stainless steel and more. Wedding rings are selected and chosen by either the bride or the groom or both, but it is mostly the bride who will always choose the design and style. You can either look for a unique wedding ring in some jewelry shops or make your own wedding ring designs as to ensure that it is of original style.

You can customize your wedding ring how you wanted it to be. You can choose to engrave a unique design in your wedding ring or choose to have it carved by letters or symbols. After all, you will have to wear your ring for a lifetime (or not) and you have to make sure that it is something that you can surely be proud of.

But for those who prefer to have their wedding rings ready to wear, you can still have unique wedding rings by looking in some jewelry shops that crafted and sold wedding rings of unique designs and style.

These are some of the most unique designs you may want to see:

  1. 4614897419Decorative rings – this wedding designs includes a numerous cut designs that will simply be added to a plain metal ring of your choice. You can select either a flower designs, a heart shaped designs, a symbol perhaps or the initial letter of your name and a lot more that you can think of. In terms with the ring itself, you can also choose from a plain circular ring or choose to have a bevelled or millgrain edges and many more.
  2. Laser – Engraved rings – this unique wedding ring designs can used different metals such as platinum, silver, palladium, and more depending on what you prefer. You can choose or make the engraved writings or messages on the rings such as “till death do us part”, I love you”, “forever you and me”, or just your names. Also, to add elegance in the ring, you can have it accentuated by some stones or diamonds for an extra sparkle.
  3. bezel-setting-diamond-ringCutting Edge Rings – if you want to have a uniquely designed wedding ring, this one is perfect for you. It is a range of sliced rings that are of modern design. You can also add some diamond, sapphire or gemstones on the ring for sophistication or anything you’d prefer.

Weddings rings will be a reminder for one another of the promise that you’ve made. Having a unique wedding ring will also add to the uniqueness of your love story; however, it is not a guarantee that you will have the most unique life together with your partner. It is not on the wedding ring, but it is on the two of you.


Tips in Choosing Male Wedding Rings


Just as how it is important for females to have a wedding ring, male wedding rings are also equally important. The wedding ring symbolizes many aspects in the couple’s relationship as well as a message that the person is already committed to somebody else. Even before, men are not required to have or to wear wedding rings, it is only the female who should wear but because of the modernized traditions, men nowadays are mandated to also have weddings rings.

When choosing your male wedding rings, you must consider first the following options so that you will know what to look for and will not be hard for you to choose:

  1. Choose a wedding ring that reflects your personality – a wedding ring is worn for a lifetime, so you may want to consider choosing a ring that will preferably suit your personality. For instance, if you are a simple person and do not want to complicate things then classic gold wedding rings may be of your preference. But you can also choose any metal type to be used.
  1. black-diamond-wedding-rings-for-menChoose a wedding ring that fits for your lifestyle – when deciding for a wedding ring, you have to take into account the things that you do, like if you are working as a manual laborer such as gardener, carpenter and the likes, you must also choose a ring that will stand the harshness of your job or select a wedding ring that you can easily take off if your job requires you to do so and you can just simply wear it as a pendant in you necklace to avoid losing it.
  1. Choose a more comfortable wedding ring – wedding rings must be worn for a lifetime so you have to choose something that you are comfortable with. The size and width must also be considered. You can also choose soft, rounded edges on your wedding rings that have a gentle curve on the inside. In this way, you will not be having difficulties in wearing your wedding ring for a long time.
  1. Choose the best metal for your wedding ring – in selecting a wedding ring, you must have to consider if the metal that you will choose will stand the test of time and the types of work that you will do every day. You have to know its strength and weaknesses. But for most men, gold is their best choice because of its durability and non-corrosive quality. Though there are a lot of metals that are also very durable and strong such as titanium, platinum, palladium and more, all you have to do is to choose for carefully according to what you like.

It is very important that in choosing your male wedding rings, you know what to look for. Because a wedding is for a lifetime accessories, you might as well want to choose something that you are not just comfortable with, but also a wedding ring that is not only appropriate for your job but also speaks for who are you are.

Cheap Wedding Rings UK – Perfect For Couples Looking To Save Some Money


Your wedding is a very important, once-in-a-lifetime event. It is a very memorable and momentous occasion and that is why you do your very best to make it as memorable as possible. It can take months, and even years of planning just to make sure that every detail has been carefully planned.

However, although weddings are special and important occasions, it can also be quite costly. First, you need to buy the wedding dress of the bride, and the dresses of the bridal party, and of course, the suit or tuxedo of the groom and the rest of his party. Also, you need to pay for the venue of the wedding ceremony itself and the venue of the reception after the wedding. There are also other small but still significant details you have to pay for like the catering, the music/band, flowers and etc.

However, one very important thing that you have to consider is the wedding rings. Above all else, this is the one thing that you must not forget. Wedding rings can be quite costly too, however there are some jewelers who understand your needs and are therefore offering cheap wedding rings in the UK. Here are some examples of cheap wedding rings UK.

Cheap Wedding Rings In The UK

Jewelers understand that weddings are expensive. This is why they do their best to offer you with durable, beautiful, top-quality and cheap wedding rings. Here are some cheap wedding rings you should consider.

  • 9ct Yellow Gold 4mm D Shaped Wedding Ring. This is a unisex ring perfect for both bride and groom. Also, it only costs 37 – 45 pounds! It is very affordable, but at the same time, it is still durable, beautiful, and it is perfect for couples looking for cheap wedding rings in the UK.
  • Titanium_Diamond_tension_set_ring_5025_106_01Titanium Diamond Ring. Costing only 99 pounds, this titanium diamond wedding ring is definitely affordable and beautiful! It is a lightweight titanium wedding ring designed for men. It is designed in a simple manner with only a single diamond in the center, adding a simple touch of style. This is perfect for men who do not like flashy wedding rings but still want to show their commitment to their wives.
  • 9ct Rose Gold White Topaz Flower Ring with a Diamond Milgrain Surrounding. This beautiful and elegant ring will only cost you 140 pounds! It is a 9 carat gold wedding ring, perfect for the bride-to-be. It also comes with its own Gift Box and it even has a white topaz, rose gold and diamond detail!
  • 9ct Yellow Gold Rub Set Oval Tanzanite Ring With A Diamond Set. This gorgeous ring will only cost you 101 pounds! Although the overall design is simple – a gold band with an oval tanzanite in the center, it is still very beautiful for something so affordable! This ring is durable, and more than that, it comes in a beautiful gift box!

These are just some of the most beautiful and cheap wedding rings you can find in the UK. Make sure to look for one that best suits your tastes and is affordable too!